Sexy workshop: 5-6pm
Pole: 6-7pm
Pole: 7-8pm
Pole: 8-9pm (as needed)
Pilates Mat: 7:30-8:30pm


Pole: 5:30-6:30pm


Pole:5-6pm (as needed)
Pole: 6-7pm
Pilates Mat: 7-8pm


Pole: 5-6pm
Pole: 6-7pm
Sexy Workshop 7-8pm


*Day/evening open for private classes/parties


Pole: 12:30-1:30pm
*Day/evening open for private classes/parties


Group Pole: $20 (pre-pay 5 classes/$15 per class)
Pilates Mat $15 (10% discount w/10 class card)
Pilates Reformer (personal training pricing)

Class options/Create your own class at your own time.
(check schedule for studio availability)
Group (3-6 of your friends) : $20 per person
Semi-private (2 person) : $30 per person
Private (one-on-one instruction) : $60
* Classes can be purchased in packages to receive 25% discount

Group (3-6 of your friends): $20 per person
Semi-private (2 person): $30 per person
Private ( one on one instruction): $60 per peron
* classes can be purchased in packages to receive 10-20% discount

Practice Pole Dance Session
$10 per person/per hour. Schedule varies depending on studio availability

Personal Training Sessions
Customized 30-60 minute workout.
Program includes strength training, building endurance, and nutritional counseling
Call to set up a free consultation.

Private Pilates Training (Pilates Reformer)
(Call to set up a free consultation)

Pole Dance Parties
The parties are typically 1-2 hours in length and are tailored to the desires of the host.
They combine the art of pole dancing an the mastering of sexy styling.
Have a party to celebrate "Girls Night Out" Bachelorette Party or Birthdays $25-35 a person.